Monday, June 1, 2009

Send A Postcard. Save A Life.

Malaria is the biggest killer of children in Africa. Every 30 seconds, a child dies from malaria, from a mosquito bite. We can prevent the spread of malaria by simply providing families with mosquito bed nets. Studies show that malaria transmission is reduced by up to 90% when utilizing a bed net while sleeping; the African mosquito generally bites between 10 PM - 4 AM which explains the necessity to have protection during sleeping hours.

Nothing But Nets, a United Nations foundation, distributes mosquito nets throughout Africa to prevent malaria transmission. Each net costs a mere $10.

In North America and Europe, most of spend $10 on a weeks coffee, fast food, or some other hair products, or some other minor expense.

It is my personal goal, to raise as much money as I can for this simple and noble cause. You can checkout my fundraising team by clicking below:

This is my challenge to the world: There are 263 territories & countries in the world. I'm looking for ONE postcard from each country. For every postcard I receive, I will donate $5 to Nothing But Nets.

What are you waiting for? Send a postcard. Save a Life.

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  1. From postcrossing, good luck with this. I hope you can get a postcard from each territory of the world.