Thursday, June 4, 2009

Every 30 seconds.

A child in Africa dies from malaria. Yup. Every 30 seconds. Two children in a minute. 120 in an hour. 2880 in a day.

And the thing is, it doesn't have to be that way. Malaria is one of those things, that we can prevent if everyone just had the right tools and the knowledge. All it takes is a mosquito bednet.

You see, in Africa, those pesky mosquitoes come out to play at night. 10 PM - 4 AM. Families, mothers, fathers, children, need to ensure that they're protected during sleeping hours; the best way to do that? Use a mosquito net.

And the beauty of it all? It costs just $10. Ten dollars will allow you to literally save someone's life. Actually, it will let you save a family's life. Like 4 people, maybe 5 or 6 even. That's a bargain. I'm telling you, that is a deal that you need to jump on because those nets might cost $12 next year or heck, even $15. And then you're going to hit yourself on the head saying, Oh, if only I got that deal when it was only $10.

Let's say you see someone drowning and you jump into save them. Your wallet in your back pocket? Ruined. You're gonna need to buy a new one. Will that cost you $10? Nooooooooo. Let's say you pull someone out of a burning building, your clothes get covered in soot and ashes. You can't wear those clothes again. You'll need a new outfit and well, that definitely won't cost you $10. Hellll no! You might spend $10 on a new pair of socks for crying out loud.

You get my drift? Good. What are you waiting for? Go save some lives. Or 5 or 10. You'll feel better. Trust me.

Total postcards received: 7
Total raised to date: $35

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