Saturday, June 6, 2009

#13 - I Heart Ikea

I love Ikea. Will go to Ikea, spend 2 hours looking at things, without buying a single item. The highlight for me is the Swedish Market which offers lots of Swedish goodies. includeing Singoalla cookies.

If you haven't had the pleasure of tasting Singoalla cookies, well simply put, you're missing out. They're the best.

Now maybe you don't have an Ikea in your country; it's a Swedish store which sells home furnishings, decor and many other items. It's slogan is:

Ikea. Swedish for Common Sense.

Helping me with this postcard challenge, and helping some families get mosquito nets in Africa and helping them stay free from the deadly mosquitoes? That's also common sense.

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  1. Your blog is amazing, like the idea of donating and sharing :) I'm sending you one card now from Thailand.