Thursday, June 25, 2009

#57 - Varadero Beach

I first heard of Varadero from my grade 9 and 10 math teacher, Mrs. Graham. She went to Cuba it every year and always told the class about the great beaches, music and people.

And looking at this view, I can certainly understand why she was in love with Varadero.

It's a small town, mostly known for the 20 km of white, sandy beaches. It's a perfect place to relax, de-stress and of course, get a great tan.

For the most part, Varadero was used as a docking station by the Spanish Army Fleet. The earliest mention of Varadero, comes in 1555. However, the area was not developed until 1887.

At this time, ten families obtained permission to build their vacation homes in the Varadero area. And that would be the beginning of this great resort town.

Gracias Nestor!

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