Friday, June 19, 2009

#47 - Mouro Island

Here's a view from Northern Spain, highlighting the rugged coast of Mouro Island. This flat and rocky island can be found in the Bay of Santander.

In the background, you can faintly see the Mouro Island lighthouse. Built in 1860, this lighthouse is still operational and flashes 3 white lights every 21 seconds...not every 20 seconds, but every 21 seconds. Who thought of that bright idea? Hope it wasn't you Mario!


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  2. Hello Trupti!

    I'm really happy to help you in this wonderful and very generous project! I hope you liked the postcard I chose for you.

    I hope you had a wonderful, full of emotions birthday, and I hope you receive lots of beautiful postcards from all around the world.

    Best wises from northern Spain.