Wednesday, June 24, 2009

#51 - Takht-E Jamshid

This is a view from Persepolis, Iran; a World Heritage Site that was constructed around 515 BC. It's name means "The City of Persians".

This is my first postmarked card from Iran and to be honest, normally I would be ecstatic and thrilled about receiving a rare postcard but I can't help but feel sadness and worry over the current political situation in Iran. My concern and worry for the people of Iran, trumps the thrill of getting a rare postcard.

The current situation is a remnder that most of us are extremely lucky to live in peaceful countries, where political strife and turmoil is unheard of.

Keeping Iranians in my thoughts and prayers, especially the family of dear Neda.

Thank you ipucukthen.

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