Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2010 Off To A Slow Start....

I've been trying to get and fine more people to help with this project but I won't lie, it's been hard. I've received cards from the most common countries of the world and the rest are going to be hard work.

But you know, I can't and won't give up. There are new malaria cases everyday and people dying from something that can be prevented so easily.

Time to get your butt in gear Trupti...must meet your goal!


  1. What is really your goal? to collect postcards or to help the People with Malaria?

    It's ridiculous to help them with just Nets. All they need is proper education about the disease itself. Oral rehydration, preventing risk, etc. etc.

  2. That is part of the education that Nothing But Nets provides. It's not simply, here's a net and walk away.

    I have been supporting Nothing But Nets for about 3 years now and currently going through training to volunteer in Africa myself to be part of a distribution team.

    Personally I don't collect postcards as much, I already have cards from every country and I already have a stamped card from every country. I use my hobbies and interests to generate interest and awareness; I raised about $600 for this project through my love of gardening. I said why not try to do the same with postcards?

    Perhaps before you criticize you should ask some questions or better yet, use your mouth to generate interest for a worthy cause.

  3. And, if I wasn't really interested in the malaria issue, I wouldn't spend 3 years trying to come up with different ways to fundraise for the project.

    If I wanted just the postcards? Guess what? I can easily find people to send them to me,without having to promise $5 for my favorite charity.

  4. AND, the distribution of the nets alone have lowered infection rates by 74% on average in each country.

  5. Great cause Trupti! I hope you don't mind that I put a link to my blog! :) I am an RN in BC and really think that your idea is a good one! Don't be discouraged by people who know nothing about diseases in other countries. You are doing a good thing!

  6. Thanks for the encouragement and support CC! Hope you're enjoying the summer in BC :)