Thursday, October 22, 2009

#91 - The Market of Tunis

Welcome to Tunis, Tunisia! This is a typical market that you can find in many North African countries. Narrow, maze-like streets in high-walled compounds...

Feten says this type of market is every shoppers dream; a place to find one of a kind & unique handmade goods.

Look closely at the card; see those heart-shaped things? Baskets? Boxes? Anyone know what they are?


  1. Hello Trupti :)
    The heart shaped thigs are called "knastrou" in arabic. don't think they have a name in english :))They are like baskets but are heart shaped or round. They are covered with beautiful fabric
    they are mainly used in wedding. The broom brings gifts in these baskets such as sliver gifts, perfumes .....

  2. I think that Faten means the "groom" not the "broom" :)

    The picture shows is taken in "attarine" market which is specialized in wedding items. From draget (sweet boxes) to invitation cards to parfumes...