Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another Week...No Postcards :(

We've officially hit a brick wall. The postcards were flying in earlier this summer but now they are rare and slow...

I'm hoping that someone stumbles upon my blog from some random place or location and decides to send a card. Such as Matt in Trinidad; he just found my blog while surfing the internet and decided to send me a card.

Are there any more Matt's out there? I hope so!

All I know is that I can't give up and walk away now. As of today I have received 87 postcards. That's $435. That's 43 mosquito nets for 43 African families. We've already helped a small village! So we can't stop now, many more people to help.

For those of you wondering, I'll be making the second donation on September 30th, complete with proof of donation. Let's hope I get a few more cards to bump up the totals!


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